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Fucking Livid

Me Aleeyah and Robyn were just walking home from a night out and this mixrace boy (who had  group of white friends) shouted ‘black bitches’ at us.

I was fucking livid. its even worse when it’s black/mixed boys it makes me so fucking angry.

I shouted back ‘and what, are you a black bastard?’ which wasn’t necessarily the right thing to say but wtf, we’re the fucking same colour. Just coz you got some laddy friends you want to impress them by chatting complete shit and running black girls under a damn bus. Fuck you, fuck you right in the face.

Is your sister a black bitch?


Been lazy with this blog again.

I cleaned the bathroom of my uni house yesterday. It REALLY needed a scrub, my mum would be so proud of the scrubbing that occurred.

There was fighting and shouting last night but my main window doesnt open, only the little one at the top, so I couldn’t see the full fucking drama >:O

Saw Lucy with Robyn and Jess last night, I’m gonna review it for my uni assignment. I had no  idea what was going on by the end of the film tbh

Har har feminism

Sat on the freshers table for feminism society today. Had a few chats with some people from Islamic society and LGBT about doing some events together, it was naaaaiiice. I’m thinking about running for president, but am also worried I’ll be bare lazy and not get shit done.

Bare lads walking by like ‘har har feminism’ fucking hate lads, however 130 people singed up to join which is very good and lovely.

Still very extremely happy at my new uni house like it’s such a chill place to be, I think we’re gonna have a party soon?

Going to Rome tomorrow for Aunty Rosie’s birthday. Gonna see the Italian fam which always makes me very emotional and happy.

Enough of my blabbering.

News Worthy

Quick ting coz I’m slyly hanging.

Moved into my uni house!! It’s so beautiful I brought bare wall hangings and a fancy foot stall for the living room. Still need to unpack my clothes but I’m so happy to be living with these girlies.

My flat mates are: Robyn, Jess, Aleeyah and Lara all 4 are prestige babes’ :)

I’ve worn a belly top two nights in a row. Is that news worthy?

All of your old bras

For me charity shops and the occasional H&M visit is the only way to go for clothes these days. 

One day I looked around and everything was 40 quid for some reason all of these mediocre items that are clearly worth £12 and just not that price anymore.

I think the reason why these prices seemed to creep up and pounce on me all of a sudden was because I very VERY rarely go shopping. I have been wearing the same 3 pairs of shoes for the past year and a half. So for me I haven’t regularly been at the shops to see little 1 pound or 2 pound increases. All this useless crap has literally gone from £12 to £40 why is everything £40?

If its been worn by someone else, I don’t care - I’ll take it. If my friend is about to throw it out, I don’t care - I’ll take it.

This isn’t a rant, this is an this is an awareness post to my friends. I’ll have all of your old bras.