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Shit in your shoes

Tryyying to get back into blogging but its so so SO long for man.

I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (I’m blates been calling it ‘dawn of the rise of the planet of the apes’) on Friday with Robyn, her brother and her brother’s two friends. I thought it was very average tbh. The monkey kept talking and talking and they talk so slow because… well because they’re monkeys and it was quite irritating.

The could have done a lot more with it. Robyn’s brother has strong banter, he’s coming to our uni next year so the banter shall be continued.

He said he wasn’t sure about applying to live in halls because he might be put with ‘lads’ and ‘lads’ always seem to have alternative banter that consists of rabbing everyone’s balls and shitting in each others shoes… I feel like I know exactly what kind of ‘lads’ he’s talking about.


Tomorrow I’m gonna send a nice e-mail or maybe make a phone call to Apple to speak to some managers and say the names of the absolute dons who helped me get my laptop fixed free of charge. They were so nice and cracked so much joke with me. I know what it’s like to help customers and to be blamed for something that clearing isn’t your fault and they were SO NICE.

Sven = Angel

It took my all fucking day talking to Apple and being diplomatic and calm about the fact they tried to charge me for the keyboard just stopped working even though it was proved to be a technical fault, but finally they are gonna fix it free of charge!

Thank you Senior Advisor Sven for getting shit done.

Bless your cottons you absolute angel


Set my laptop to the laptop hospital (definitely not the name) so should be blogging with all of my letters soon - using my mum’s laptop atm… bare slow :/

Spent some times at BBC radio on Friday and Saturday. Y’know I do feel that uni is important but I’m not really seeing that its worth 9 grand. All of the work experience and networking has been stuff that I have organised myself. I feel a bit like I’m studying for the paper at the end, but the course next year look bare interesting.

It’s like uni gets in the way of me trying to get real work experience, nahmean? We shall see if its worth it